Transport Research Wing (TRW), Ministry of Ports,Shipping and Waterways collects, compiles and disseminates time series data on Ports, Shipping, Ship Building and Ship Repairing and Inland Water Transport.  Besides, it is also responsible for rendering necessary research and data support to the various wings of the Ministry of Ports,Shipping and Waterways for policy planning in the above mentioned sectors.

Transport Research Wing collects data on Ports, Shipping, Ship Building and Ship Repairing and Inland Water TranMinistry of Ports,Shipping and Waterways sport sectors from the concerned source agencies viz. Major ports; State Maritime Boards/State Directorates; Directorate General of Shipping, Shipping Corporation of India, shipping companies in private sector, Ship building companies; Inland Waterways Authority of India and State Governments. The data received from various primary/secondary sources is scrutinized and validated for consistency and comparability and compiled as per the requirement. 

The compiled data is disseminated to the users through the following publications:
(i) Basic Port Statistics (Annual)– It gives information on major ports and non-major ports in respect of cargo traffic – commodity-wise, type of cargo, performance indicators, port capacity and its utilization, employment and financial performance. 

(ii) Update on Indian Port Sector (biannual) – This publication throws light on the latest developments at Indian Ports inter-alia macro-economic indicators of India as compared with world indicators. The publication covers state-wise analysis of the developments in the area of sea-borne traffic for maritime States/UTs, particularly in respect of cargo traffic, efficiency Indicators, and projects under implementation. 

(iii) Indian Shipping Statistics(Annual)–The publication contains data on Indian fleet-overseas and coastal fleet by type, size, and age of vessels; Net additions to Indian fleet; fuel prices for vessels plying on international run, fleet owned by Shipping Corporation of India, performance of Shipping Corporation of India and financial performance of Shipping companies etc. 

(iv) Statistics of India’s Ship Building and Ship –Repairing Industry (Annual)–The publication contains information on Indian Ship Building and Ship Repairing Industry –capacity, facilities, orders in hand and delivered, employment and financial performance etc. 

(v) Statistics on Inland Water Transport (Annual)–The publication contains data on navigable waterways, no. of inland water transport vehicles and their ownership infrastructure facilities available on national/state waterways, cargo movement, Plan outlay and expenditure etc.

4. Apart from the publication and dissemination of data, the TRW is also involved in the following:
i)    TRW collects monthly data from Major and Minor Ports through online Port Data Management Portal. 
ii)    Monthly progress report of Central Sector Projects costing Rs. 150 crores and above of the Ministry of Ports,Shipping and Waterways and updates on OCMS (Online Computerized Monitoring System) of Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation.

 iii)    Preparation of technical and analytical papers/notes, as and when required, for the use of the Ministry in various expert Committees and Commissions.

iv)    TRW also coordinates with other departments of Central Government and State Governments for supply and collection of data on port, shipping and other related sectors.